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Family Law

Family law (also called matrimonial law) is an area of the law that deals with family law matters and domestic relations including:

  • marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships
  • custody and child access arrangements
  • pre-nuptial agreements
  • intervention orders also called “restraining orders”
  • divorce applications

Kingston Lawyers are here to help you navigate through the difficult journey at the end of your relationship.

In our many years of experience in the Family Law jurisdiction we have achieved successful outcomes for our clients by taking a very individual approach to every matter.

We will fight hard to protect your rights and know how important it is to advise people properly since the wrong advice can be very costly.

There are a number of things to consider if you are considering separating from your partner:


  • Do immediately take professional legal advice
  • Do tell your family and close friends what you are going through
  • Do consult with a doctor or other medical advice specialist
  • Do take copies of all financial and personal documents including your marriage certificate if possible
  • Do consider how you will be able to live going forward
  • Do tell your children’s teachers and other professionals what is occurring


  • Do not panic and do not hesitate to get professional advice
  • Do not represent yourself in Court proceedings
  • Do not reference your case to anyone else, every case is unique
  • Do not commit any violent or stalking behaviour
  • Do not attempt to apportion blame. The Australian legal framework operates on a “no fault basis”. This means there is no enquiry made of the causes of the separation