You have questions, We have answers.

  • Where are your offices located?

    Our offices are located at Station Road, Cheltenham and Lonsdale Street in the Melbourne CBD.

  • What bodies regulate your firm?

    We are full members of the Law Council of Australia, the Law Institute of Victoria and a member firm under the jurisdiction of the Legal Services Board. We comply with all ethical and other obligations required by these bodies. Several of our lawyers are also Committee members of the Law Institute of Victoria. Our trust account activities are regularly audited to ensure we comply with all of our lawful regulations. We pride ourselves on our rigorous compliance with all laws including employment laws, occupational health and safety laws, and our legal practise laws. We hold full professional indemnity insurance for all our lawyers subject to the Limitation of Liability Scheme approved under Professional Standards Regulations.

  • Is engaging your lawyers expensive?

    Legal matters can be very expensive and this is why transparency is so important. The total cost will depend on your type of matter. If you engage us you will know what to expect your fees will be. Many of our practise areas have fixed quotations like Wills, Powers of Attorneys, Conveyancing and in most cases Pre-Nuptial Agreements. Before we start any matter we provide either a fixed quote or a quoted range on a strictly no obligation basis. The vast majority of our clients are repeat clients. They know us and know what to expect from us when we provide services to them. We welcome new clients who are very often referred by our existing client base.

  • What happens at my first consultation?

    Depending on the area of law, we will gather as much information as we can at your initial consultation. We will then write to you with advice to see whether you wish to engage us formally.

  • I don’t want to come in, I just have a quick question?

    On a strictly no obligation basis you can call us at any time. If we can help to answer your question on the spot, we will do so at no charge.

  • I have just been arrested by the Police and need to urgently speak to a lawyer?

    Please email your mobile telephone number to stephen@kingstonlawyers.com.au and we will contact you straight away. (Unfortunately we do not offer Legal Aid)

  • Do I have to go to court?

    No, Court is always a last resort. We always seek to resolve our matters through negotiation and mediation if possible. If we do have to go to Court, we will tell you what it will cost you.

  • My loved one has just died and Kingston Lawyers is holding the Will, am I entitled to see a copy of it?

    Absolutely. So long as you are a beneficiary under the Will we will be pleased to email you a copy of the Will at no charge. We hold many thousands of Wills and these are held safely and securely on our premises for our clients.  We also store our Wills and Powers electronically for added security.

  • Do you do formal Will readings?

    Yes, if we are asked by our Executor clients we will be pleased to read the Will to the beneficiaries.

  • I am thinking of buying a property, what do you charge to look over a Contract of Sale and Section 32 Vendor Statement?

    We charge $440.00 inclusive of GST to peruse and advise on Contracts of Sale and Section 32 Vendor Statement’s.

    We do not charge this fee if you proceed with your purchase and engage us as your conveyancers to carry out the settlement.

    Please do not hesitate to contact our office to obtain a copy of our most up to date conveyancing price list.

  • What does Probate mean?

    Probate is the Latin word for thing proved. In a practical sense it means the formal approval of a Will’s validity by the Victorian Supreme Court.

  • How do your lawyers keep up to date with the law?

    Each year our lawyers attend regular professional training courses to ensure that their knowledge level remains current.

  • Are your lawyers active in the community?

    Yes, we aim to give back to the community as much as possible. We provide sponsorship to local schools, bowling clubs and other worthy institutions. We also do public speaking and information sessions. In addition we have several formal relationships with noteworthy charities where we dedicate our time and firm resources at no charge.

  • Why should I use Kingston Lawyers?

    We aim to be the best lawyers we can be for our clients. This means we LISTEN to our clients, we ADVISE our clients properly and we aim for the optimum outcome in every matter. Our focus in on CLIENT CARE.