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Intervention Orders

by Dinu Kumarasingh People often ask us about Intervention Orders (‘IVOs’). In this article, Kingston Lawyers provides some helpful guidance on applying for and responding to IVOs. What is an IVO? An IVO is an application made by a person…

Harmony Week in Kingston

Harmony Week in Kingston

20 March – 26 March 2023 By Andrew Tiganis Harmony Week is a celebration of Australia as one of the world’s most successful multicultural countries. The week is all about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone in…

IVOs – Facts versus Myths

Summary What is an IVO? Common Myths about IVOs What to do if you receive or want to apply for an IVO? What is an IVO? Intervention Orders, commonly known as IVOs, are Court Orders that can be applied for…

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