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Millionaire Husband ordered to pay 31 years after separation

Millionaire Husband ordered to pay 31 years after separation

By Stephen Lucas, Principal Director at Kingston Lawyers Pty. Ltd.

“English Court rules that Millionaire Husband has to pay wife money 31 years after their original separation”

A recent English Family Law case highlights how important it is to settle things properly with your ex when you separate. A Husband and Wife met and married in 1981. They had a son together. They separated 3 years later in 1984 with the Husband telling the Wife he wanted to go and find himself and travel the world. The couple were formally divorced in 1992. The Husband did not provide any financial assistance to the Wife to raise the child. In the late 1990’s, after he had returned from his travels, the Husband founded a green energy business which made him a multi-millionaire.

In 2011 the Wife applied for some money from the Husband. The Husband vigorously contested the Wife’s claims. The Husband made two attempts to have her case thrown out of Court but the English Supreme Court has now ordered that her case may proceed and he will be ordered to pay her money as a settlement. The Court also ordered that the Husband pay the Wife’s legal fees for the running of her case in advance.

This case highlights how important it is, no matter how little or how much you may have, to get legal advice when you separate from a relationship. Otherwise that partner you split from 31 years ago may have a claim against your assets. Although in Australia the divorce Order assists to defeat claims made many years later, in England this rule does not apply.

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