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An Uber update

An Uber update

Many will be happy to know that the transport service ‘’Uber’’ has finally been given approval by the Victorian Government, who proposes to regulate the entire field of taxi-like services via two new Acts. Interestingly, the taxi licensing system will be abolished and a single commercial registration process will be implemented for all taxi-like services. Although many people continued to use the service in Victoria, despite it being unofficially given the OK, there are greater benefits associated with the new approval.


Such benefits include a greater regulation and fairness of fares when using taxi-like services. A downside which consumers may find frustrating is a levy of $2 per trip as a government fee for transitioning into the new system, raising $44 million per annum. It is unclear whether this will be passed directly to passengers via a surcharge or be taken by the companies themselves.


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  1. Louise Lucas
    October 18, 2016

    Any levy – although a disgraceful idea – is better to ensure we get UBER, rather than not. Why the Government, who were happy to take the money for the taxi licences, doesn’t other a refund is their problem. When other small businesses go to the wall every single day, we all don’t have to pay for their change in circumstances.

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